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New tricks with UP software v2.0

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Printer 3D siap rambah Indonesia dengan hasil yang non konvensional!

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Liputan MEDIA-Printer 3D

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UP Plus 2 is coming

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UP! Plus Personal Portable 3D Printer v1.3

Printer3D Indonesia – We’re calling this the ‘model-T Ford’ of 3D printers. It’s robust, high quality and affordable. In addition, it’s truly desktop sized and relatively […]

3d printer makes your life better | Home Manufacturing

Printer3D Indonesia – Now with the 3d printer becoming more and more popular, and the price is becoming much cheaper for personal use. While many people […]

UP! software v1.17, starts to support a finer output

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Preorder your UP! mini 3D printer now!

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Printer 3D Siap Mewujudkan Imajinasi

Printer3D Indonesia – (Jakarta)Kebutuhan mencetak tak lagi sekadar di atas kertas. Kemajuan teknologi dapat mewujudkan apa yang ada di imajinasi Anda ke dalam bentuk yang lebih […]